“It’s Never too Late to Begin Again” with Best-Selling Author Julia Cameron

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/5199506/height/90/theme/custom/thumbnail/yes/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/0d084e/” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Julia Cameron celebrates the 25th anniversary of her best-selling book, “The Artist’s Way.” She has written a new book for those age 50 and up, titled, “It’s Never too Late to Begin Again.” She will be leading a workshop at Sedona Mago Retreat for those who are at a crossroads in their lives and wish to revisit their creativity and the paths not taken. The retreat will take place in Sedona, Sept 22-24, 2017. To learn more, or to reserve your space, visit http://www.sedonamagoretreat.org/julia-cameron/








Ep. 5 – Consciously Creating your Reality

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/8750144/height/90/theme/custom/thumbnail/yes/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/88AA3C/” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Theme: Do you believe that you can and do consciously create your future? Do you believe that that anything is possible and the thoughts you consistently think create your reality?

There are our two main show themes: Cultivating consistent joy and staying connected to love.

Hello and welcome to our fifth Joyous Every Day Living Radio Show. I am Beth Amine here with my dear friend Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity. The basic focus of all the segments of the radio show is how to consistently create a joyous fulfilling, expansive and vibrant life. It is loosely based on my book Joyous Every Day Living, and its tagline: party till check out time!

I am so excited about this radio show, every week it seems to write itself. Every week the topic presents itself according to how I am growing and all the conversations around me. In our past four segments we discussed picking a word for the year that is in alignment with your growth, re-writing the story that you usually tell to one of the most positive and desired future, and the creative process or journey into the unknown that these two take you on and the result: connecting to personal power. Then we experienced the fulfillment of joining our new self-loved self with others in community.

I realized when I was thinking about our past shows that so much of the premise of living in joy lies in the belief that you can create your own life and your own reality. In order to create a joyous life you have to believe that you have this power, and practice it! Culturally, science gives us models of understanding of the world we live in and we are affected by these beliefs. We have been very used to an old scientific Newtonian model of reality based on cause and effect, waiting for something outside of us to change how we feel inside. Events are predictable and you essentially live life as a victim of others, your environment and circumstances. So things happen to you. We have a new model of reality now in Quantum physics where everything is a vibration or energy that slows down to become matter and the outcome of experiments are affected by the input of the observer. In the quantum model, you cause the effect! What you think and feel now creates the reality; you don’t wait for it to happen. This is true creative power that we as humans all have.

So where do we get caught in all of this? It is our usual habits or unconscious programming that stands in the way.

I have been noticing that if I’m not careful, I get up in the morning and think the same things I did before. Oh I don’t have enough of that, where am I going to get it, problems first.  EEEK!

So what are these habits that define and control us? They are an unconscious set of automatic behaviors and responses that you have done so many times you don’t even know you are doing it or how it happens. It’s just like an automatic computer program. You tell your same story over again through the same circuits in your past, old memories, old problems. So if you start your day in the past, the past will most likely become your predictable future. How do these habits form? Responses to parents and culture, but that is not as important as noticing them and finding the ones that are not liberating your joy! If you can and do believe that your thoughts create your current reality, in order to create a fresh future you have to think greater or different than the past. If you think everything the same all the time, you are being run by your own program and you are not fully alive because you are not using your free will or choice. You’ve got to change up the memorized behaviors and responses.

When I observe, I cannot believe how many things I do unconsciously the same way I eat, pick up a fork, freak out when the gas gage gets empty which I always let it do, endless. I had an enforced vacation at the end of the year last year where I knew that if I didn’t change I was headed for real a health disaster, my body did not want to put up with it, wanted to communicate to me. I really had to dig deep, and it was worth it. I looked at everywhere it wasn’t working or really more everywhere I got unhappy or diminished myself and I knew I was running a program. So I did a lot of noticing when I had the same responses that did not feel good and then practiced a pattern interrupt. I notice my responses are different now in so many situations. Where I would have seen lack I just now am impartial or train myself to see abundance. I’m not so automatically reactive. I pay attention to when I feel hurt, and realize it has nothing to do with me, maybe part of a greater picture that shows I am not supposed to go in that direction. What thoughts do you want to fire and wire in your brain if your thoughts and feelings actually create your reality?  What behaviors do you want to rehearse mentally that would be new and feel good?

Yesterday I had a dear friend come to town on some important business and she felt so guilty that she did not come to see me, It was exhausting to be over cared for tike that. I told her I understood that she had consuming things to do and I did not want to be responsible for crazy guilt. We then talked about it and she said thank you for identifying that!  She had been wanting to liberate herself from unnecessary worry about what other people want from her, all self-created. I asked how she was approaching that and she said catch yourself as early as possible every time you patterns before you get momentum going. Be gentle with yourself, kind and not cruel. I asked her what motivated her to make these changes and she said I want to be fully alive!

Not making the same choice can be uncomfortable but it feels so much better and you get a new life with different responses from others. Almost anything that doesn’t feel good as a reaction is my own hurt and limitations.

Beliefs are just thoughts you have thought over and over again. How to make those changes have to get beyond those habitual responses? Meditation is one way because you don’t have all the usual stimulation and you can relax your brain and put new input in. I think constant awareness is the key. Many people wait for trauma or disaster to make a change like me and my almost health crisis. But you don’t really have to do it that way.  You can change in pain or suffering or in a state of inspiration. Feel what the future will feel like ahead of the actual event.

Many are afraid to feel better because they have to change. As I say in my book JEDL a health relationship with the unknown is crucial to happiness. People always ask me why do I look so good? I actually believe you can get better through time! If you are in alignment with who you truly are you free up a lot of vibrant energy that is used for guilt or self limitation or abuse. Your body is not in perpetual stress anticipating worse case scenarios based on past experiences fight or flight, these thoughts  can create addictive chemicals that wear you down.  I would suggest make a list of what is challenging or limited for you and take a look at the mostly ancestral patterns underneath. I find it fun.

Another exercise in creating your own new story is to read it and see what you level of belief is on each thing and see if you feel you can have it. That can show you your limiting thoughts and help you create anew and be the power in your own life!  Explore your habits this week.

To recap: Catch it when you feel it! Rehearse the new! Be a master of positive interpretation.

Be a warrior not a worrier. Thank you Bernie.

I’m a warrior not a worrier    Berni Bernstein:

Segment on Joyous Longevity:

Habits what if you did not tell the story of your pain? 

Last week we spoke about the happiness and joy of being good to yourself and picked at least one thing you could do for yourself that would be fun and make you feel loved. Then we joined others. In our past few shows we talked about the life giving power of doing new things. Id’ like to go back to that topic in a new way.  topic of doing something new. When you wake up in the morning do you tell the same old story? Oh this hurts, It’s not going to get better. What if those thoughts were just habits and not what was really real for you? Pick one response to a situation and change it.  Maybe it is the way the news makes you angry or driving, or pick something that would make your life more pleasant. Or be brave is there something you would like to change?  I am picking paying attention to my body feels before first I handle messes and emails.

One of the most important aspects of Joyous Longevity is telling a new story about your life and changing habits that are not life giving at any age!  It is powerful!

I can be reached at www.joyousmovement.com and joyousmovement@gmail.com  You can get a signed copy of my book at www.joyouseverydayliving.com and sign up for my newsletter of buy a signed copy from me directly.

My Joy Is Unconditional



Ep. 4 – Joining with Others–Expand your Joy

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/8749988/height/90/theme/custom/thumbnail/yes/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/0d084e/” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Theme: Joining your happy, loved self with others to expand your own joy and fulfillment. There are our two main show themes: joy and aspects of connecting to love.

Hello and welcome to our fourth Joyous Every Day Living Radio Show. I am Beth Amine here with my dear friend Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity. The basic focus of all the segments of the radio show is how to consistently craft a joyous fulfilling expansive fully vibrant life and maintain a state of vital aliveness. A major component of this joy is having a beautiful loving fantastic relationship with yourself. Today we are going to explore bringing that loved self into relationship or connection with others. Our weekly topics are circuitous and overlap, weaving a tapestry of information for you to feel, experience and of course enjoy. It is loosely based on my book Joyous Every Day Living, and it’s tagline: party till check out time!

Here’s a little recap of our three previous shows. Our first was close to New Year’s and we picked a word that would give us a direction or a focus for the year and then we imagined and wrote the story of our lives that reflects our biggest more positive dream, a blueprint for your gift of a life here. We used four segments, self, relationship, abundance and career. This is exactly what you want, no hold barred, even though you may be experiencing something different in the moment. We re-wrote the story that we usually tell into a more expansive new one and discussed creative process and the growth it takes you on.  So in moving towards your story there’s a whole experiential journey of transformation, letting go and re-creating and we talked about self-love being kind to and believing in yourself as a major component of this. This is personal power. So the next step is now that we are unfolding as fabulous, who and what do we unite or join with?

Chapter 6 of my book Joyous Every Day Living is called Join. We are a combination of socially interdependent beings and the individual creators of our own lives. We are innately and biologically wired as a tribe or social group and studies show that those with no social contact live shorter sadder lives. Even our bodies are cooperative components of trillions of cells that constantly communicate with one another.

This is a collaborative and co-operative model that I am looking at so much in my own life right now. For much of my almost 50 year career as a visual artist, dancer, performer and party starter, inventor, I did so much of it on my own. Power tools, business and negotiating contract agreements, marketing.

That model is no longer working for me. I mentioned last week that I had to take some time off, otherwise known as a minor health issue, because my container was not big enough for where my life is meant to go. In other words I can’t do it all myself and that is not even fun!  It sparked a very huge change in my life, involving other talents into a co-operative creative mode. Now there’s nothing to do but join. Even this radio show is the symbol of that and is all about staying connected. I’m grateful that I spending so much time alone I am able to love my own company and created so much, although everyone would imagine I am the most social person in the world because I’m on stage so much but what I can accomplish on my own is so limited and my word for the year is unlimited. I have another artist girlfriend who is experiencing this and she is getting out of the studio and collaborating with dance studios and other media artists now.

Collaborating powerfully in business is part of my big new dream and everywhere really. Not lifting stuff is another. I had an old habit of carrying burdens. I got a sore throat this weekend, another message from my body to rest, release all pressure and live in the joyous present. I got the idea to ask my Facebook community their favorite remedy. I got close to 200 home remedies! Sore throat went away, it was fun. So there are many ways you can join and live in community.

A bit of Science from my book: Our biology is tribal. Being members of interdependent groups insured successful survival for our ancestors. The mental and physical health benefits of having an active social life are many. People who socialize regularly live longer and have a stronger immune system. This creates resilience in maintaining a healthy body throughout your life. Interacting with others boosts feeling of well-being and decreases feelings of depression. Of course you have to choose people and situations that make you feel good!!! Reports have shown that connecting with others can boost brain health and even help in preventing age related cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

Dance in my opinion and in the findings of much research is one of the most effective and far reaching ways to socialize because it combines physical and cognitive.  What are your favorite ways to socialize? Join a community in some way?  This includes asking for help! Big one for so many of us. Or how about this big one…allow someone to help you!!!

In what ways this week can you join? Celebrate with others? Share your load, delegate? Especially Caregivers what can you delegate?

Find somewhere to give, receive, mingle, blend, dance with others! Let’s do this as fully joyous individuals contributing to and enjoying a co-operative community!

Do you believe that you can and do consciously create your future? Next episode.  that anything is possible your thoughts create your reality show.

I’m a warrior not a worrier    Berni Bernstein:

Segment on Joyous Longevity:

How can you join others this week?

Last week we spoke about the happiness and joy of being good to yourself and picked at least one thing you could do for yourself that would be fun and make you feel loved.

One of the most important aspects of Joyous Longevity is keeping the company of and engaging with others. Science has proven that those who socialize often lead happier healthier lives with stronger improved immune systems. We are in our deepest biology tribal creatures, an interdependent group of individuals.

I would like you to think this week of how you can join others. Take a class at your retirement community. If you use a walker, go on a stroll with a friend. If you are seated, do a puzzle with a family member or caregiver.

If you are a caregiver, you can ask your client or family member to tell a story about themselves. Or if you client has Alzheimer’s or dementia, you can do a simple movement class using one of my videos, or put on one of their favorite songs, hold their hands, look into their eyes and do a chair dance. This is one of the most joyous and effective ways I have found of creating joy and connection and is the basis of my Joyous Movement programs.

Find a way this week to join with others, and perhaps it is as simple as asking for company (otherwise known as help) and cooking together. Find a ways and let me know, we will share!

I can be reached at www.joyousmovement.com and joyousmovement@gmail.com  You can get a signed copy of my book at www.joyouseverydayliving.com and sign up for my newsletter of buy a signed copy from me directly.


Ep. 3 – Keeping your Thoughts Self-Honoring

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/8749832/height/90/theme/custom/thumbnail/yes/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/0d084e/” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Theme: Keeping your thoughts and perceptions self-honoring first. What others think and the path to your own happiness.

Hello and welcome to our third Joyous Every Day Living Radio Show. I am Beth Amine here with my dear friend Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity. The basic focus of all the segments of the radio show is how to consistently cultivate Joy and stay in a state of vital, vibrant aliveness. This centers around having a beautiful loving fantastic relationship with yourself and keeping all your thoughts self-honoring first.  There are our two main themes, joy and self love.

Here’s a little recap of our two previous shows. Our first was close to New Year’s and we picked a word that would give us a direction or a focus for the year and then we imagined and write the story of our lives that reflects your biggest more positive dream, a plan for your gift of a life here. This is exactly what you want, no hold barred even though you may be experiencing something different in the moment. I made mine in four segments, self, relationship, abundance and career or relationship to the world.

Just so you know I’m in there with you and this show is working me as well. So I wrote my own story for the new year thinking it quite brilliant and timely and then I remembered I had written a story three or four years ago. I pulled it up on the computer and it was identical almost and it felt like I had not moved or changed much! At first I freaked out like I am an insane person on a treadmill. What have I been doing the last five years, so busy! I often process things physically so I tore a bunch of stuff out of my cluttered closet and started throwing things away. I had some deep need for simplicity.

A couple of hours into it I got the AHA! And realized that I was satisfied to just happy with who I am and what I’ve got. I found that so peaceful and solid feeling. That is back to our circuitous theme of self love as the basis of your stability in life. Time to let go a bit and let life fill in. Like I said I am in the same lab of life as you, working through it all. Satisfied with what is and expecting the best.

I let go into my new story and thought about all the learning and growth that the destination brought me even though all the results are not yet here. And the pieces fit, my health issues, I had to find another approach, my vehicle was getting burnt out, in order to expand to my dream, I had to let go and expand.

My container was just too small. So this week my experience of that was around my story. I had so much creative fire and drove myself without balance and then I got myself sick because of it overworking burn out and now I’m letting go and living in the happy place such as business partners instead of the big load doing everything myself. So now it’s time to really embody it.  It’s the road I took that is important, the journey, and I also had to grow into the story. It took me years to grow into my story and I think I am there now. I had to cast off a lot from the past.

At every minute you have the opportunity to pick war or peace, happy not happy, love myself or not,  in our other words there’s going to be conflict or contrast because that’s the way we grow and we are guided towards what we want but you want to create the highroad and stick there.

Yes, you and your happiness matters. I listen to the conversations around me during the week dear friend, a very successful artist and a friend’s daughter who is  an artist and both were afraid to show up and value their unique expression. Another friend at 52 is getting a divorce and said she feels like she is going back to being 25 and asking who am I without the pleasing of others? What all my products are about. This is the re-occurring theme of self love. You do matter! This is big and in my new book it is the first section. Again I repeat what is your story, dream.

You have to be tenacious about finding and being who you are. I do care, but whatever happens with this show, the fact is it makes me happy and is very fulfilling for who I am to do it. I love to share and make connections and grow and see happiness grow through art dance and words. So I do it as part of my larger dream. And that is what is important. The path, the road, the exploration. I see in my experience with teaching art and Alzheimer’s that absolutely everyone has something uniquely their to express.  Even if your life is very full you can have that in some small way. Everyone has 15 minutes in a day. And if you don’t you have 5 minutes somewhere to look up at the sky and dream of feel life and the beauty of it in your body.

Our main topic today was write your story, practice it, feel it. The sub topic is getting derailed by what others think. Allowing your value to be placed on what other people think is a dangerous, unrewarding and unstable place to be.

Everyone has something you need to express and unique to their own truth. This is personal power.

Believe in your uniqueness and what you have to offer.  Believe in yourself, I do!

I’m a warrior not a worrier    Berni Bernstein:

Segment on Joyous Longevity:

In keeping with the thought of doing new things, what can you do that is new this week that is nice to yourself. What would bring you fun and make you feel loved? Would it be a, walk, movie, face time with a friend across the country, taking time to volunteer? What pampers you honors you acknowledges you?

The happiness and joy of being good to yourself.


Ep. 2 – Your Unique Dream

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/8749607/height/90/theme/custom/thumbnail/yes/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/0d084e/” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Theme: Your unique dream and comfort with creative process keeps life fresh and new.

Hello every one and welcome to Joyous Every Day Living. I’m Beth Amine and am so pleased to be with you, Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity for our second episode.

I am so excited about this new show and discussing so many topics that I hear you talking about in my daily conversations with so many people. There are recurring themes in our overall topic of living a joyous life, many having to do with relationship to self and the self-love that you engender, embody or cultivate as the basis of living a deeply joyous life. The fifth chapter of the book, Joyous Every Day Living called Create goes into this in depth. Freshness, newness.

Last week we chose a word for the New Year that would give us direction. If you haven’t done that yet think about it after the show or just let it come to you. It’s your intention or focus. This is very different from a goal or resolution. It’s like a guiding light. Mine was Unlimited with a sub or secondary word of Relaxed, because if I am relaxed I am unlimited, without blockages to my life. Patti chose courageous. Yours might be abundance, love any word that has an inner direction and feels right when you say or think it. Let it come. Don’t edit!

We also suggested writing a new story for the year that would identify your dream. In a way this is one of your biggest creative projects. In other words how in your imagination would you like your life to look? I have found that there is a deep importance to having a dream. It is very different than having a goal which is more forced. This is more like a destination that takes you on an adventure. You know that saying the journey is more important that the destination? That really is true in my experience, and a happy journey is joy in your now moments. It is all about the growth and expansion of your being or inner life. I have found that this is a universal process and when we expand in sync with the universe around us, we are in a state of true aliveness. We are living in a changing universe in an expanding world.

This brings me to creative process, or our relationship to the unknown as life unfolds. Since life is always in motion and has a basis in expansion it is very necessary to every day joy to have fluidity or flow with circumstances and what life and your dream bring. In my personal experience recently Patti and I had dreamed of an interactive talk show for years. It was an evolving process of clearing the past limitations of what we thought we could do and taking it a step at a time. It is often a circuitous route, learning this or that that doesn’t seem relevant at the time but adds to the entire creation. Such as me giving classes to elders and seeing what the pulse is out there of aging America and just how people view themselves in general. Or Patti getting a myriad of work experience with recording and event marketing.

One thing I want to say is that it is not always comfortable but you’re always moving towards the joy the release the next expansion, That is why you need a dream it is all about the growth that is how you feel alive, moving to the next place. Yes you can stay comfortable if you choose it’s just that nature and space are continually expanding. The substance of who you are is so you need to expand with that. The joy is very deep. Being in sync with that creates deep harmony.

So this is about being comfortable with newness even though it isn’t always comfortable but you are ok with that. Constantly throwing off and moving into the new. Learning a choreography or a new language or maybe it is even as deep as moving to a new location or an unexpected loss of some kind, not just your own choice of growth. Ultimately it’s fluidity with change. The thing about it is that you are enjoying where you are and you move to the next place. Remember you’re your neural pathways fresh and there are no mistakes is art!

So this week choose something new to explore that will take you on an adventure, a pressure cooker recipe, a dance class, a book club, snowboarding  I had a health thing I had to lay low during the holidays. Take a little time for yourself. Had loads of time for reflection it was great, but I haven’t been socializing and I feel the imbalance of that. What would make me feel alive now? This is one of my favorite questions. I do a lot of writing so this week I am going to put on my calendar to take the computer out twice to a coffee shop and the athletic club where I belong. That’s out of my cozy comfort zone, but it brings new life. I got asked to write an article on my events for a local paper and got lots of fresh ideas from going out last time. Go to the beach once to see the sunset.

I’m there with you. Stay tuned for Unplugged with Beth And Patti. Let’s keep it fresh and we’ll talk next week!

Add where they can buy the book and also how to get on my mailing list and keep in touch joyous movement. Etc.

I’m a warrior not a worrier Berni Bernstein

Joyous Longevity Segment 2

Hello, this is Beth Amine and welcome to Joyous Longevity with Patti Teel and Hub for Humanity. I’m happy to be here at Young at Heart and today I want to talk about freshness or the aspect of aliveness that comes from doing something new.  Last week we talked about the importance of physical movement to longevity and this week we are going to talk about movement of a different kind.  It’s about daily or weekly jumping in to a fresh possibility. This can be a book club, learning a new language, a new pressure cooker recipe, a new walk or maybe snowboarding!

What have you wanted to do that you have not yet tried? I sure with a little thought a list would come up. Science has proven that improvisation adds new neural pathways which greatly improve cognitive health and besides it is fun! Simply put creative activities and thinking are restorative. When I teach children I tell them there are no mistakes in art and they are astounded by this. Please check out this subject more in detail in my book Joyous Every Day Living and sign up for my newsletter at www.joyouseverydayliving.com.

What new thing will you try this week? Have fun and talk soon!

and besides it is fun! Simply put creative activities and thinking are restorative. When I teach children I tell them there are no mistakes in art and they are astounded by this. Please check out this subject more in detail in my book Joyous Every Day Living and sign up for my newsletter at www.joyouseverydayliving.com.

What new thing will you try this week? Have fun and talk soon!


Ep. 1 – Living a Joyous Life

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/8749340/height/90/theme/custom/thumbnail/yes/direction/forward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/0d084e/” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Theme: Welcome to our exploration of living a consistently Joyous life. Party till checkout time!

Hello everyone, Welcome and Happy New Year! This is my first show of the year with Hub for Humanity and my dear friend Patti Teel. Patti and I go way back we’ll finally be doing a regular series and I am so thrilled to be spending time with you. We will be sharing experiences and insights with you about how to lead a vibrant, healthy happy life or as my tag line says, party till checkout time! We will use the structure from my new book, Joyous Every Day Living and also spontaneous topics that just come up to be explored.

The basic subject of all the talks is how to generate and maintain Joy or happiness throughout our lives and become accustomed to feeling good and choosing what makes us feel good. Believing that is our essential nature and purpose, so that we are in tune with and reflect the source of our aliveness.  That is the unblocked sense of self or life force and possibility.

Every year I decide to choose a word that describes my intention or direction for the year. Mine is Unlimited. After many years of paying homage to limitations and the accompanying forcing that it takes to move forward. Relaxed therefore, my backup word. Think about it, a theme will usually easily appear. Abundance, love, courage, self-care, expansion? What is your word for the New Year?

I recently had my first health experience, started with our natural disasters here in SB brought everything to the surface. I actually spent much of the holiday season doing “winter” or taking it easy and reflecting and identifying some of these learned patterns that were restricting me in every area. I didn’t dwell there but I did spend some time looking at where I was congested and looking at its source from my different parental lineages. We tend to focus so much on the pain rather than the message, what is it telling us me and what’s next.

Three part process of identify, I spent some great time looking at the patterns and their origins, not to stay there but to be able to differentiate between that and create new.  Be happy enjoy life now in a state of positive expectation.

Tell that new Story!!! So therefore the party how about choosing happiness? How about 2019 to be a year of fun and play! Sing and dance and laugh and smile and rejoice

Chapter one, one the of biggest ways to party and have life filled with Joy is movement.

For our unplugged segment:

Anger over the current politics and news, body parts, value in life and what they have done with it trauma over political system fear of being who you are.

It also brings up the topic of not letting outside influences disturb your happiness. in is that you allow the very forces that you are fighting against or disturbed by to win by giving them your power and your health and your attention. It is much more productive to place your attention elsewhere such is on all the positive things that are happening or that you could do yourself?

Joyous Longevity Segment 1:

Movement is essential for happiness, physical, mental and emotional. Get up and move or just sit and breathe. Find one way to do this daily!





Social Security Scam


  1. I wanted to share a scam alert recently put out by the SB PD.  This was titled, Fraud Targeting Social Security Beneficiaries.
  2. The Inspector General for the Social Security Administration is warning the public and social security beneficiaries in particular to be aware of fraud schemes that target personal information.  As we know, scammers use this personal information to steal our identity and steal our money.

Comment:  What would be an example of how scammers might try and trick you into giving out personal information?

  1. Criminals use phone calls, emails and other methods to get your information.  For example, you might get an email supposedly from your bank, saying that the bank has detected possible fraudulent activity on your account, and asking you to click on a link, which then asks you to provide personal information to verify that you are the rightful account holder.   And the original email will have your bank’s letterhead, so you might be tricked into thinking this is actually coming from your bank.
  2. Another thing they are doing here in Santa Barbara is calling and saying that there is a big problem with your social security account and it may be cancelled.  You are then instructed to call another number where of course you will be asked for all kinds of personal information to verify your account.

Comment:   I can imagine that would be very frightening for a senior to think that their social security is going to be cut off!   What do the scammers do with this information?

  1. I’m guessing a lot of people don’t know this, but we all have the ability to go to the social security administration web site and access our social security information.  If a scammer gets your social security number, they can try and open a “My social security account” on that website using your ss number.  They can then redirect your social benefits to them!

Comment:  How awful!  So the victim will stop getting their benefits, and not know what happened!  And the benefit are deposited automatically in their account once a month, they might write checks against it thinking the checks will be good!

  1. Right – So then, they will have bad check fees on top of having no ss.

Comment:   What tips do you have to guard against this?

  1. One thing you can do is activate your own ss account, so the scammers cant.

Comment:   So in other words, beat them to it!

  1. And as we always tell people, never provide your personal information when receiving unsolicited calls of contacts.    And if you get a call from someone claiming to be from the SSA, contact the SSA on a number you know to do valid and ask them if they called.

 Comment:  What should a person do if they become a victim of this scam?

  1. You should contact SSA right away.   They will refer it to the office of the inspector general.   The toll free number is 1-800-772-1213.   And if you receive an email from SSA telling you that you have opened a “my SS account” and you did not, notify them immediately.
  2. You can also report suspicious activity to the SS fraud hotline 1-8-269-0271,   There is a number for deaf or hearing impaired:   1-866-501-2101

Fraudulent Online Vehicle Sales


  1. I recently received a public service announcement from the FBI that I thought I should share with your listeners.
  2. This is a warning regarding the fraudulent on line sale of cars and other recreational vehicles.
  3. Here’s how it works: Criminals are posting online advertisements of items that they don’t have!

Comment:  So this could be a posting on Craig’s List?

  1. Yes, any online sales site.  And the ad usually includes photos matching the description of the car, along with a phone number or email address to contact the supposed seller.

Comment:   A lot of people buy and sell on line, and these are legitimate sales.   How can you tell the difference between a fraudulent sale, and one that’s legit?

  1. Usually the price is much discounted, and there is a need for speed.
  2. Once you make contact, the criminal will send you more photos along with a seemingly logical explanation, such as:
  • The seller is moving to another location or being deployed to the military
  • The seller received the car as part of a divorce settlement
  • The car belonged to a relative who has died.

Comment:  So the crook is trying to make it sound like they just want to get rid of the car, and will take a lower price

  1.   And of course they are usually out of state so the sale can’t happen face to face.

Comment:  So how is the transaction supposed to take place?

  1. Here’s the big red flag.   The buyer is told to purchase pre-paid gift cards in the amount of the sale price and to share the code on the back of the card with the seller.

Comment:   It seems that this is a red flag for so many scams.   If you are told to pay by way of a prepaid gift card, like a green dot card, it’s a scam.

  1. Very true.   And of course once you had purchased the gift card and given the crook the numbers on the back, the crook can activate the card and take the money.

Comment:   And I’m assuming the car will not be delivered. 

  1. That’s right. The crook will tell you the car will be delivered in a couple of days, but it never happens, and phone calls will go unanswered.

Comment:   If you want to purchase something on line, how do you protect yourself from this kind of scam?

  1. The FBI gives some tips:
  • Be suspicious if the purchase price is too low.
  • Avoid sellers who refuse to meet in person or who refuse to allow you to physically inspect the car.
  • Ask for the vin number, license plate and the name of the current registered owner
  • Use the internet to research the person or company involved in selling the car

Comment:   So if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.    If someone is a victim of this scam, where should they report it?

  1. The FBI asks that you report this on their website, ic3.gov.
  2. I also wanted to remind your listeners of something very important: If you lost money to a scammer and the scammer had you send money through Western Union, you can file a claim to get your money back!
  3. For example, if you fell victim to the sweetheart scam, or the tech support scam, or the lottery scam, any scam where you sent money to Western Union, you can file a claim with the Federal Trade Commission

Comment:  Is there a site people should go to?

  1. Yes, it’s FTC.gov/WU. The FTC stands for Federal Trade Commission, and the WU stands for Western Union.

Comment:  Is there a deadline for filing this claim?

  1. Yes, and this is really important: You need to file by May 31st of this year.   And your loss has to be between 1/1/04 and 1/19/17