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Let us take care of the technical aspects of your podcast so you can focus on what you do best.

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Powerful Soul!

Get Notified About New Episodes From This Podcast! Powerful Soul! With Laurie Majka Laurie Majka is an Inspirational Artist – which means she receives the ideas

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Scam Squad

Get Notified About New Episodes From This Podcast! Deputy District Attorney Vicki Johnson and real-life scam victims report on current scams—many which target seniors to

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Want Help Launching Your Own Podcast?

We Can Help!

If you know that launching a podcast is the next move you want to make for your business, let’s talk!

I’m sure that if you’re reading these words, you have a powerful message and I would be delighted to help you spread the word. 

There are a few options for us to work together….

Editing Services

Our professional production team will professionally edit your podcast.   Our editing/production packages are perfect for you if you have a regularly scheduled podcast. Prices start at $125 per episode.

Additional Services

In addition to editing, we’re proud to offer a variety of “A La Carte” Services relating to podcasts, including writing, as well as audio and video production. 

A Powerful Partnership Program

As you know, podcasting can be a fantastic tool to build your credibility, connect with your audience, and position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your niche. However, (if you haven’t already noticed) it takes huge commitment and a lot of moving parts to launch and maintain a podcast.

That’s where Hub for Podcasting come in.

We have the experience, expertise and resources to help you plan, launch and produce the podcast of your dreams. Our team will support you on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your show moving along. That way, you can stay focused on those aspects of your business that are uniquely yours to do, and let our team handle the rest of your podcast production.

Every Powerful Partnership Program is customized to match the skills, assets and needs of the client, however all partnerships begin with a FREE Podcasting consult, and The Dynamite Launch Platform.

Plus, I can also help with any/all of the following:

$297-$1497/month with initial setup fee of $497

The Dynamite Launch Platform

I would love to help you create great graphics, audio and promotional materials ready for you to get your podcast off to a great start! 

In addition to the “Smart Podcast” Consult outline below,  this program will include:

1-on-1 creative, logistical and technical training to help create an amazing show.

Customized, professionally produced intro/outro for your show

A custom graphic cover for your show on iTunes, HubforPodcasting, and other syndication sites.        (Designed from the artwork you provide.)

Promotion of your show & platform, including a press release and social media posts.

A Customized Host Page on with a link to your website

A custom, professionally produced ad (30 or 60 seconds) to promote your upcoming show

Promotion and/or an interview on the Everyday Enlightenment Podcast with Patti Teel. (When appropriate, also interviewed on Young at Heart Radio Show on KTMS 990 in Santa Barbara.)


The "Smart Podcast" Consult

Whether you’re in the early exploration stage or almost ready to launch, this consult will help you save time, money, and headache as you launch your podcast.   During this 90-minute session, you can talk over your ideas, get my professional feedback and ask key questions.  Together, we’ll develop an overall strategy and help you get clear on next steps.

This is a great option for DIYers who just want some professional input before they take their ideas and run.  It’s also included in, and is starting point for, The Powerful Podcast Launch Plan.


Ready to Get Started? Got Questions?
Not Exactly Sure What You Need or Want?
Let's Talk!

Send me an email or give me a call at (805)448-0520 to talk about where you are, where you want to go, what your current challenges are, and how I can help!.

Podcast Partners

Shows that are in the works:

Remote Healing with Dr. Gloria Kaye!
World renowned energetic healer, Dr. Gloria Kaye, shares holistic healing remedies and takes call-ins—healing what ails you on the spot!

Musicians of the Santa Ynez Valley with Dr. Peter Claydon
Psychologist and musician Peter Claydon interviews indie musicians, plays their tunes and discusses the creative process.

Kids Bedtime Show with Patti Teel, i.e., the Dream Maker
Progressive relaxation and story visualizations to help kids relax and peacefully drift off to Dream Land.

Indie Music Shows

David Allen
Santa Barbara Realtor, discusses Santa Barbara

Wish-a-Pick with M.M. Allen
Sharing stories, creativity, kismet- and the Divine.

Crypto Queens with Catherine Dhandho
Empowering Women to live abundantly and sharing how cryptocurrency can become the way out of the rat-race


Audiobook partners:

Warner House Press

Warner House Press

Small hybrid publisher focusing on works of high moral value


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