Creativity Unleashed with Annie Dahlgren

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Multi-talented Annie Dahlgren discusses her multi-faceted career and inspiration for her body of work.  Annie is a singer/songwriter as well as a playwright, singer/songwriter, film maker, and novelist!  Find out how she has managed to follow her passion throughout her lifetime.

Freedom from Food with Patricia Bisch

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Patricia Bisch helps people to attain their perfect weight through a quantum-physics approach.  She also teaches people to identify and stop self-sabotaging thoughts and to overcome past trauma.  She offers private coaching and is the author of the popular and life-changing book, Freedom from Food.

Manzanita Outreach Delivering Hope Locally & Abroad

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Mike and Donna Newcomb tell us how Manzanita Outreach works with other organizations to provide basic food needs for orphans in Haiti and those in need in Arizona’s Verde Valley.  They believe that distribution is the major challenge–not a lack of food and they are developing a model that can […]

Open Wide Foundation–Dental Clinics for Guatemalan Children

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Open Wide Foundation Founder, Lisa Wysel, and Executive Director, Charity Crawford, discuss the dental care they’ve opened in Guatemala with the help of volunteers and how their clinics have become self-sustainable.  To learn more, visit

Wounded Children Heal with Horses

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Susan and Peter Claydon discuss the santa Barbara Youth Project, a nonprofit organization that helps children heal by giving them the opportunity to interact with horses.

Tai Chi Alchemy with Rick Barrett in Sedona

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Through the elements of Tai Chi and energy, Rick Barrett gives participants in his retreats a taste of enlightenment.  Barrett has been coming to Sedona Mago Retreat to lead retreats for over twenty years.  Don’t miss this taste of enlightenment with the amazing Rick Barrett! This podcast was recorded […]

Dr Jeffrey Thompson–Healing with the Scientific Application of Sound

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Dr. Jeffery Thompson is considered the world’s premier sound healing researcher, brainwave entrainment expert, and high-tech personal transformation innovator, motivator and futurist.  His work addresses harmony between the body, mind and spirit, and is clinically proven to foster deep personal wellness and expansion of consciousness.  His website is Everyday […]

Manifesting with Songs

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] Richard Webb began noticing that the events in his life were directly correlated to the songs he was listening to.  He began consciously listening to the songs that had lyrics about what he wanted in his life and was shocked when he realized how effectively he was transforming his […]

Tony Mauro–a Man with a Mission

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Tony Mauro warns listeners about common carcinogens that cause cancer and explains how we can avoid them.