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The HOP (Home Ownership Podcast) Episode 133

Hosted by Village Properties Realtor, David Charles Allen

The weather in Santa Barbara has been in the 60s, with marine layer fog in various areas.  (If you live in Santa Barbara, you know that one neighborhood may be socked in with fog while a neighborhood only a few minutes away can be perfectly sunny!)

David reviewed the latest interest rates and Santa Barbara’s real estate stats.  30-year jumbo loans were at 5.375% and 30-year conforming loans were at 5.75%.   Sales were just under 30 with only a small build-up of supply.  People who bought properties when interest rates were at their lowest may not be eager to sell their homes because when they go to buy another property, their monthly payments will be higher–due to the higher interest rates.  Many of the people who are selling their homes are moving out of the area, or retiring.  Home prices remain steady and in the long-term, Santa Barbara remains a tremendous investment.  

Downtown Santa Barbara blocked off State Street during the Covid Pandemic, making it a walking corridor with outdoor restaurant seating.  This has been so popular that it will remain this way for the forseeable future. 

Lastly, David and Patti discuss their Fur Babies and David shares some nutrition tips.  

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