Retail Returns and Exchanges

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This week’s Ayers’ automotive tip of the week reminds us to check your engine fluid and tire pressure at least once a month! If you are in the Santa Barbara area and need auto repair, contact Ayers Automotive Repair. Thank you to Ayers Automotive Repair for their automotive tip of the week!

Returns and exchanges are never easy. Stores are not required to accept returns or exchanges unless the merchandise was misrepresented. Return policies are highly variable from one retailer to another. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear more tips that can help make your returns and exchanges easier.

To report or investigate a potential scam, visit Scam Tracker, or call BBB of the Tri-Counties at 805-963-8657. Thank you to Meathead Movers in Santa Barbara for being our community partner. If you are in need of a moving service and if you want a safe and efficient move, call 866-THE-MEAT

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