Near Death Experiences With Barbara Bartolome

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Host Patti Teel and Co-Host Anthony Giannini interview this week’s special guest, Barbara Bartolome—who is the Founder and leader of IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) Santa Barbara. Barbara had her own Near-Death-Experience at the age of 31—she will recap in today’s program. 

Barbara says that that NDEs are opening up our awareness to the reality of non-local consciousness. She’s thrilled to be helping people learn that death is just a transition back “home” and that we all are here to be kind, love others, and to learn from and cherish all aspects of our life adventures while we’re here! 

Barbara and her NDE have been featured on the NBC Today Show, in articles in U.S. News and World Report and The Sun (U.K.), and in various other podcasts, TV, radio, print articles, and documentaries.  She is featured in a film documentary by French Filmmaker Anthony Chene, which has currently garnered more than 650 thousand views. 

For more information check out or or contact Barbara Bartolome at 805-451-8646 or


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