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Welcome to Your Moment of Trust – brought to you by The Better Business Bureau serving the Tri-Counties.

If you’re like most folks, you’ve seen the iconic torch and flame logo that’s made the Better Business Bureau a household name since 1912. Yet, interestingly enough, when we survey the community, we’re still amazed by how many people are still unaware of the services we provide.

Each week, we here at the BBB serving the Tri-Counties will endeavor to share with you tips and resources on how you can help us in our ongoing mission…which is: to Advance Marketplace Trust between business and consumers. So we encourage you to tune in each week for valuable information that you can use every day.


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Contact the Better Business Bureau

Perhaps you’ve come across a business that’s not operating with the highest ethical standards? Or, maybe you’ve been wronged by a business in some way. Did you know that you can lodge a complaint online with the Better Business Bureau? That’s right. We will even mediate on your behalf? In fact, every year, we process and settle hundreds of local disputes. We work with you and the business until your issue is resolved. All you have to do is call us, or go to

With mobile communication and social sharing at an all-time high, scam artists have more outlets than ever to scare, intimidate and, sometimes, even extort money from unsuspecting consumers. Unfortunately, scams are happening all too frequently! But the good news is, thanks to the help of community members like you calling into the BBB or logging on to our self-service ScamTracker Reporting Tool, we have been ultra-effective in deterring these bad actors from propagating their message. And ScamTracker is so easy to use. Whether you’re a business or a consumer, you can use ScamTracker to report on a potential scam or to search our database for scams that have already been reported.

You can find the ScamTracker tool by logging on to We also publish reports generated through our Institute for Marketplace Trust. In fact, the BBB ScamTracker Risk Report has recently provided groundbreaking insights built from our BBB ScamTracker data. If you would like to receive this report or other regular communications, go to and click on “Email This BBB”.


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