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It’s a Beautiful Life

Like so many other industries, the real estate market has been disrupted. But this is leading to some exciting changes such as video open houses and online purchases. During this time of transformation, one thing remains constant—the dream and satisfaction of home ownership. The HOP will help buyers and sellers to navigate the changing real estate market in real-time. You’ll hear practical advice on purchasing real estate with updates on home buying opportunities, deposits, interest rates, refinancing, creative financing, appreciation, depreciation, and so much more!

Much of the show will focus on Santa Barbara real estate. But because the HOP reaches buyers and sellers throughout the country, it will include interviews with experts and guests from communities around the world—with a focus on innovative solutions to home ownership and on overcoming obstacles.

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About the Hosts

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, David Charles Allen is a realtor for Santa Barbara’s prestigious, Village Properties. He has a heart for bringing people together to achieve their dream of home ownership.

Patti Teel has a passion for both children and seniors; her award-winning audio recordings help kids to relax, de-stress and fall asleep, and earned her the affectionate moniker, The Dream Maker. Patti currently lives in the Sedona area, but lived most of her life in Santa Barbara—where she raised her children. David is a Millennial while Patti is a Boomer, so they’ll each bring a unique perspective to the HOP based on their life’s experience. Both share a passion for their dogs, and the great outdoors. David is an avid surfer—so in addition to the latest interest rates, expect to hear the surf report and about the antics of Bailey (David’s dog), and Ollie (Patti’s pooch).

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