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BACKSTORY … If you believe that everything you know, was learned.  You must also contend, that the occasion of those lessons gained, other multiple, and specific things had to happen first! Those things, people, events, wonders, all constitute what I call a Back Story.  Whomever YOU are, wherever you have been, or what you have done, we all have one thing in common.  We all have a BACKSTORY …


Welcome from the Verde Valley and Sedona Arizona!  I’m Cowboy Bob, and as I couldn’t find anyone else to do it, I guess, I’m your host.  After what has been six decades and more, on a great and wonder filled adventure, I’ve had the pleasure to meet and converse with a wide variety of humans, rich and poor, celebrated, and ignored.  My curiosity drove me to discover why.  Why that direction, why that choice, why those actions?  I seek to delve into the nature of a thing, attempt to see the catalysts which molded the outcomes.  I know I’m weird, I am after all just a showmen, I hold no degrees, I barely have an education, at times I can be contrite, even incorrigible, but I invite you to join me as I seek to uncover the BACKSTORY that exists, tucked away in so many interesting subjects!

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The Legend of Cowboy Bob

Born a foundling child, raised a middle-class blob, tempered by the events of war and the turmoil within, only to be enlightened by the powers of flowers, free love, and the twins! (Triplets actually, but who’s counting!) 

Once a peacenik rebel – or just a victim of times, surviving in absentia – the trials of the body and the mind.  

But, fear not my long lost, but not forgotten friends, for that mischievous something will never truly end, and the legends that I’ve been, or the truth of my success, can be found in bolded text
upon the pages of the press! 

I’ve known some lovely women, and a few honorable men, some I call acquaintance, others I call friend, all were met in passing, on an adventure, which hopefully – never ends! 

Now, I’ve rallied with nobility – rode easy with Fonda, but not on a Honda – was once a spotter for a coal miner’s daughter, took stage with a fella named Gilley, and the highways with Brothers Waylon & Willie – even taught manners to some high-spirited Colts & Fillies!    

I’ve been Host to a mass of celebrities, and a celebrity to the masses – got a wall full of memories, and a slew of backstage passes. 

See I’ve lived in many places, but have avoided running races, I cater to large crowds, or more is the case, they cater to me!   Colorful expressions might best describe my deeds and the choices that I made whilst trying to sew my seed. 

As life can be demanding and sometimes requires rest, there’s been time to commune with nature, and some of Music’s all-time best.   

I’ve presented stars, staged politician, paraded heroes of war – battled social injustice, and defended our nation’s shore.   Spent 42 years with a woman who loved me, or so she tended to say, together we raised a son – who still stands beside me, but many miles away. 

Over the decades life has been fair, there have been honors bestowed, some glory and fame, I gained respect for my methods – along with my name, but, more to the point, I still have my Flair! 

So that’s who I am, and in a sense what I’m about, if you truly wish more, just give us a shout!!

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