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Prayer, Creativity, and the Divine

Mary Martha Allen, children’s author, and Deborah Wynne – singer, songwriter, collaborated in writing the fantasy book, Wishapick, Tickety Boo and the Black Trunk. This middle grade book and CD won the Moonbeam Gold Award for book & theatrical. Wishapick also won the 5 Star Readers Favorite Award.

MM Allen weaves the backstory of Wishapick into a thoughtful message of how Prayer, Creativity and the Divine gently coexist in our lives.  Prayer is intimate, Creativity is fearless, and the Divine is always giving. MM shares these stories along with Deborah’s insights and music in a reflection of love. These rich backstories, about the making of Wishapick, confirm her belief that God is Good and each of us is an extension of the Divine’s Goodwill. MM believes that if each of us remembers that we are loved, then intimate, fearless giving will unfold into our lives.

Beautiful music is God breathing love into us,
caressing our tender hearts…

I thank YOU for music

It is YOU singing through my heart

It is YOU opening my heart

It is YOU inside my heart  

-Deborah Wynne

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The Inspiration Behind Wishapick

MM Allen learned to pray at a young age–practicing thoughtful, traditional, repetitive prayers. She has been a participant and leader of many different prayer groups–practicing intentional prayer, meditative prayer, healing prayer, Lectio Divina (scriptural readings & meditation), and contemplative walking prayer. MM uses the rosary and other prayer beads which have been used as an intimate form of prayer for hundreds of years.  MM believes your communication with God is personal and establishing a relationship with the Divine brings peace, harmony and enjoyment into your life.  Communication with the Divine awakens the goodwill within each of us, which has been there since the beginning of time.  

Deborah Wynne was born into a musical, religious family.  Music, adoration, and holiness were woven into her heart from a young age.  Over the years, music has become a form of prayer for Deborah.  Whether it be through listening, singing, playing or writing music, she feels deep gratitude for the gifts music offers.  To Deborah, beautiful music is God breathing love into us, caressing our tender hearts. The creative process, a part of our spiritual ground of being, is a delight to access.  Within that Holy space where God lives, we touch an aspect of the Divine that is pure beauty.  Creativity is a gift from, and a collaboration with the Divine, an offering of gratitude to God and a prayer of thanksgiving.