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Our Mission The Forgotten International’s mission is to develop…


    Our Mission

    The Forgotten International’s mission is to develop programs that alleviate poverty and the suffering associated with poverty both in the United States and worldwide, in particular, that experienced by women and children.


    A future without anyone living in extreme poverty is a goal to strive for, and our primary target population is women and children, for they are always the most vulnerable. Our hope is that by supporting mothers and their children, the next generation will be one facing less hardship. Our approach, which we find allows us to create our largest possible impact, is to provide targeted support to community organizations. We focus on supporting the work at a grassroots level with these organizations directly working in the communities, for they have the greatest understanding of the problems that population faces and the resources and avenues available to solve them.

    Our founder

    TFI was formally started in 2007, but our inception began in 1999. Our founder, Tom Nazario, was asked to go to India by the UN as a part of a legal team to report on human rights abuses against Tibetan children escaping China to live as refugee children. From his experiences there and his deep passion for improving the lives of impoverished children everywhere, he began to form what is today TFI.

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